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10 reasons why to choose Israel:

1. Spirituality – Every piece of authentic Israeli jewelry glows with inner spirituality. It can be sensed immediately. It is the hallmark that stems from that special spirit of the Holy Land, the center of major religions and the home of the Kabala. It is a melding of cultures, nationalities, religions and styles. But most off all, Israeli jewelry is a cherished vessel of true and profound spirituality
2. Jewelry from Israel is duty free to North America, Europe and other areas.
3. Jewelry (especially hand-crafted jewelry) is affordably priced.
4. Israel’s integrated culture, with immigrants from over 70 countries, offers diversity in artistic ideas, styles, techniques and know-how.
5. Israel is one of the world’s largest sources of polished diamonds, specializing in superb cutting, finishing and setting. This has resulted in a natural partnership between the diamond and jewelry industries, facilitating creativity and simplifying the business aspects of jewelry-making.
6. Israel infuses technology into all its industries. Jewelry is no exception.
7. Jewelry designers are sensitive to market needs and have the ability to tailor their products accordingly.
8. Flexible, mid-sized jewelry manufacturing facilities are designed to cater to the emerging demands of the market.
9. Fine design, quality, finish and beauty are hallmarks of Israel’s jewelry.
10. Israeli designers and manufacturers have a strong commitment to service and customer satisfaction.
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